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50x9ft Dutch Barge

7ft8  airdraft

3ft draft

5ft9 head height in cabin


Tired of looking at narrowboats? Enjoy the craftsmanship, passion and beauty of this tiny ship. Every time I get behind the (early twentieth century solid wood) captain’s wheel, I see people’s jaws drop on the towpath. Every lock I go through results in a conversation about the boat; she really is gorgeous.


The hull was completely redone in 5mm steel, blacked and new anodes were attached, all in January 2024. Old boat, new hull.


Step off the towpath into the wheelhouse, under which the heart of a six cylinder DAF monster beats. 


There’s plenty of work to be done to make her yours, but the foundation of good hull, good engine is certainly there.


We can deliver anywhere in the UK (for a fee), or you can take her from us at Hemel Marina. We’re on the Grand Union Canal, around three days cruise into Central London, or three days to Brentford and onto the Thames. OPEN TO OFFERS

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