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33x8ft Dutch Barge

3ft Draft 

6ft11 Airdraft

5ft7 head height in the wheelhouse

5ft5 head height in the cabin


With a nice, low airdraft, you’ll have no trouble navigating waterways which accommodate widebeams and at 33ft, she’s easy to maneuver and moor. If your plan is to continuous cruise, the solid Peugeot inboard diesel engine will get you around no problem, with enough power to navigate fast rivers, as well as pootle along slowly on the canal. She’s a Kaagenaar, these are famously shallow drafted, flat-bottomed barges from the Kaag lakes in the Netherlands (Kagerplassen). 




With some work, Alexa could make a comfortable home. There’s plenty of scope for updating with loads of room on the roof to accommodate solar. The toilet area could be converted into a wet room (there is currently a sea toilet, this will be welded shut by us to comply with UK law). 




The hull is in excellent condition and we welcome a pre-purchase survey (we will lift the boat for free). We will be blacking and attaching anodes prior to her

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