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The Artful Dodger


60ft Narrowboat

Sound hull and lovely engine


The Artful Dodger stood vacant on a hard standing, awaiting a new Fagin to lead him into new adventures. Our Fagin, or Dan as we call him, decided that what the boat needed rather than lessons in petty crime in Victorian London, was a completely new hull, and so that’s what he did. 


We have extensively overplated the hull in 5mm steel, adding years of trouble free cruising to this lovely old narrowboat. A small section of the bow and stern were all that remained of the original build, everything else under the water is brand new, blacked and anoded. 


The modern Lister engine starts beautifully on the key and Artful Dodger is as nimble and quick as his namesake to drive. There’s enough power to give you impressive control when maneuvering.


The lights come on in the cabin, but really, if you want to make a home for yourself, you should consider that this boat needs a complete fit out. Given the quality of the new hull, this makes Artful Dodger a good option, especially compared to the cost of a sailaway.  


Viewings are every week, Tuesday - Saturday, send me a text and I’ll make sure I’m free. You can cruise the boat into Central London in about three days from Hemel, alternatively we can deliver anywhere in mainland UK for a fee. 


I hope you like this boat as much as I do. If you don’t, we have new boats arriving every week so come and have a chat and a cup of tea; I’ll find you something perfect sooner or later. 


Hit me up on Messenger or Whatsapp and I’ll send you a lovely video of the Artful Dodger


Alex, Brett and the sales team

Hemel Marina

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