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Maria B


38x10ft steel cruiser

7ft8 Airdraft

3ft draft

Over 6ft head height inside


If you take a walk down the towpath in Central London or along the leafy banks of the non-tidal Thames, you’ll see a huge variety of boats. All shapes and sizes are there from the utilitarian narrow, to the romantic Dutchie, to motor cruisers like this.


“Maria B” is one of those boats which stands out from the crowd. From the sweeping sculptured lines outside, to the hand built carpentry throughout the cabins, it’s clear that she was built to realise someone’s dream.


Like many of these steel-hulled Dutch river boats, the hull is in spectacular condition. We will happily lift the boat for free for inspection.


The beating heart of this twin-helmed motor yacht is a straight six Peugeot Indenor diesel inboard in good running order. She behaves and steers beautifully in the busier parts of the Grand Union (as well as being a competent cross-channel vessel). She is a very easy option for a first-time boater. 


She is loaded with equipment and with some modernisation “Maria B” could be a stylish and comfortable home. 


Why have a boat like everyone else, when you could have this gorgeous girl?


The boat is at Hemel Marina, we’re open every day except Sunday and there are always plenty of boats here to look at.

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