48x9ft6 Dutch Barge

2ft6 draft

7ft10 airdraft

5ft10 head height in wheelhouse and front cabin

5ft7 head height in bedroom


Just arrived from the Netherlands, we have Shamar, a lovely, spacious boat which is crying out to be fitted. The work began but stalled, so onboard you’ll find plenty of kit in place to get you going; there’s an inverter, battery charger, electric water heater, huge woodburner and the beginnings of a pump-out toilet system. 

The hull is in great condition and the previous owner has taken her back to metal inside and repainted. 

Powered by a BMC 2.5 diesel inboard engine which runs very well and looks like it’s been loved. The helm position is from the flybridge freeing up the wheelhouse to be used as living space. 

The boat is constructed of steel with the exception of the wheelhouse which is timber. This could potentially be converted into a fold-down construction by the new owner in order to reduce airdraft (similarly, the helm could be lowered or returned to the wheelhouse). 

In the front and rear cabins you’ll find double glazed windows and plenty of insulation. With the right attention, this could be turned into a comfortable home on the water. With the extensive internal space, it represents an incredible, value-for-money opportunity to own a big liveaboard. 

We can deliver anywhere in mainland UK (call for a quote).