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Cheshire Chaffinch


40ft Narrowboat

Sound hull and lovely engine


Modern life is rubbish; rent, energy costs, rising food prices, the tories, social media influencers. Maybe you’d like to opt out of the whole dystopian late capitalism nightmare soap opera and live your life on tranquil waters in this 40ft narrowboat. That is, unless you actually like paying your landlord’s mortgage. 


There are five main things you should be looking for in a boat if you want to live aboard immediately (the first two are the most important):

  1. Good hull. This has one, a very good one and you can bring a marine surveyor to the yard to confirm this (I’ll even pay for the boat to be lifted).

  2. Good running engine. Cheshire Chaffinch has a Lister SR2, an engine which (if maintained properly, as this one has been) will outlive you, me and (hopefully) the duopoly political system which enslaves us all.

  3. Solar

  4. Stove (as in wood burner)

  5. Shower. Check, check check.


So come on down to Hemel Marina and get on the water for less money than; a second hand Mondeo, two years rent on an awful one bed flat on the outskirts of London or a degree in media studies at a second rate university. 


Viewings are every week, Tuesday - Saturday, send me a text and I’ll make sure I’m free. You can cruise the boat into Central London in about three days from Hemel, alternatively we can deliver anywhere in mainland UK for a fee. 


I hope you like this little boat as much as I do. If you don’t, we have new boats arriving every week so come and have a chat and a cup of tea; I’ll find you something perfect sooner or later. 


Hit me up on Messenger or Whatsapp and I’ll send you a lovely video of the Cheshire Chaffinch


Alex, Brett and the sales team

Hemel Marina

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