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35x8ft Dutch barge

7ft Airdraft

6ft4 head height in wheelhouse

6ft head height in cabin


We’re so glad “Conny” has arrived from the Netherlands. Her cheerful little face has got us all thinking about summer evenings on the canal, drink in hand as the gentle lapping of the water soothes away the stress.


It’s always noticeable when we get a barge that has been looked after and loved. She’s furnished beautifully; just enough that all you need is to add your own style in the finishing touches.


There’s a pristine Sole diesel engine with less than 500 hours. The hull looks great (we will lift for free for inspection).  She’s a dream to drive and turn, ideal for a first boat.


The canvasses are in lovely condition and you can fold them down in the summer to enjoy the open rear deck. 


There’s currently a sea toilet which we will weld shut as part of the sale (if required). Before leaving us at Hemel Marina (HP1 2RZ), we will be applying two coats of blacking and x4 2.4kg magnesium anodes. The hull is in excellent condition and we are happy to lift the boat for survey.


If your plan is to move out of that house share you’re paying ten grand a year for and on to the water, I can’t think of a more stylish way to do it at this budget. Alternatively, you could go for a narrowboat (like everyone else). 

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